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Creating Nerdy, Cute, & Queer Crafts

Animal Beans


Amanda (they/them) is a trans non-binary sewist, maker, and artist exploring their passion through any medium that suits their nerdy interests. Like the biz name says, they're a bit squirrel brained, so you neve know what might turn up. Currently they're most interested in crafting plushie friends, learning the embroidery machine, and using lasers to slice up wood.


Amanda has been sewing and crafting for over 20 years and is still going strong. When not busy in the workshop, they work as a database administrator, play Dungeons & Dragons (or any other RPG), and DIY repairs to their 1940s cottage. At home, Amanda lives with their spouse and two goblin-like kittens: Midna & Link.

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Upcoming Events

February 11: Market for the Strange

April 20-21 : Mid Valley Comic Art Expo

May 24-26: Furlandia

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